Being Emotionally Intelligent

Emotionally Intelligent natural state of being, as one with the soul, is a harmonious state of love, where the only emotions are lasting peace and happiness. Therefore, if we feel any emotion other than peace and happiness, we have become Emotionally Intelligent unbalanced somewhere. This is due to our conditioned and defective thinking that arises as tolerance, need, and limiting belief. Using our emotional intelligence equips us to identify the message that the soul sends us through these emotions so that we can correct our thinking and thus always move in the direction of love.

Emotionally Intelligent

Being emotionally intelligent is my ability to consciously understand my own emotional states. Being ’emotional’ means that I am alert of the feeling that is my emotional state. But  Being ‘smart’ means that I have a rational knowledge or logical understanding of the  situation, event and circumstances that I am experiencing at the moment. I am intelligent when I can consciously rationalize what is happening in my reality. I am emotionally charged when I can feel the awareness of my energetic state of being. And  Emotionally Intelligent my emotional energy.


Emotional intelligence loses clarity . And  when I confuse “being emotional” with “being irrational.” When I study negative states that make me react unconsciously . But  I learn about my own irrational behavior that has no emotional intelligence. I’m studying “irrational intelligence”.


Being emotional does not react irrationally; is to be aware of my emotional state. I never react emotionally, because with emotional intelligence I can always react intelligently. Negative emotional states of being are irrational because a reasonably intelligent person . And who is emotionally aware (intelligent) would never choose to experience them. Understanding irrational behavior requires emotional intelligence, but that is not the definition of emotional intelligence.


Emotional states of being


‘Emotional states of being’ require definition before you can understand them intelligently. When I define an Emotionally Intelligent emotional state of being, I give it a definition . But it becomes a defined emotion, and I become aware of its existence.

It is my awareness of the defined nature  of my emotions that allows me to be.


An “emotional” person is aware of his emotions as different emotions.

Emotional Health Intelligence

Tips on Remedies

An ’emotionally intelligent’ person is able to consciously . And  name (define) his emotional state and create it according to his own  desire, if he so desires. By intelligently defining an emotion, I become both emotionally aware of the emotion and rationally aware of it. its definition. I cannot experience a particular emotion unless I can name it adjective. In the absence Emotionally Intelligent of naming an emotion, it remains positive or positive.



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