Emotional Intelligence and the Importance of Processing Our Emotions

Emotional Intelligence recently had an interesting experience. And after deep reflection, I think this experience has explained how important it is to treat our emotions and limit their accumulation. I think it also explains on a deeper level what is meant by; we are not just observers of our reality, and if we experience or expose ourselves to Emotional Intelligence something, then it is always a mirror of what is happening to us on some level. It shows the power we have over our environment and the connection between the inner and outer world.


So here, based on my own subjective experience of what happened, I will do my best to put into words Emotional Intelligence everything I have observed, before, during and after the event.


The experience and Emotional Intelligence


After a day of frustrating and angry moments, I decided to take a walk, and instead of taking the path that Emotional Intelligence I knew, I decided to take a completely different route. At the beginning of the trip . And  I emphatically said to myself ‘something has to happen’, referring to my own need for change in my life. It was a feeling of needing some kind of release.


Moments after this happened; the car he was following turned too early and ended up with someone else crashing into the side. Now, as strange as this may sound, I felt an emotional release when this happened. And felt mentally and emotionally better for a short time afterwards.


Metaphors and Emotional Intelligence


The focus is not on the literal event (thankfully no one was injured or injured . But  at least not physically), Emotional Intelligence the main focus here is on the metaphors of the experience.




Two things come to mind, and they are: everything that happens in our reality shows us something . And  Emotional Intelligence and that if we do not release or express our feelings, they will manifest in some way or form in our reality. This can manifest itself as a heated conversation or witness or even be in a car accident. And while there is a literal meaning to each one . But  Emotional Intelligence I also see that there is also a metaphorical meaning involved.


Immediate manifestation and Emotional Intelligence


This event has also shown how quickly we can manifest ourselves in our lives when there is a high level of concentration, emotion and security involved. You could tell how I felt all day and maybe even before the event attracted, and maybe how . Because  I Emotional Intelligence felt just before what happened brought the experience into my life.


Do we simply see the drama and conflict in the world?


It has also shown me that the drama and suspense of the world is not just something we observe. And that if we do not take responsibility for our own emotional well-being . But  we could give the same events a deeper level. The downside of this is that these events can also be a form . But catharsis at the local level and also at the global level. Also to be an unconscious need for conflict and drama, as a way . And Emotional Intelligence for our own body to release repressed emotions.


Emotional Health Intelligence



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