Emotional Health costs and Psychological Costs of Extreme Parenting

Emotional Health costs and its excerpts published online have created numerous discussions, debates and strong reactions everywhere. Many of the responses come from Asian Americans who told stories about themselves or others who, under the Emotional Health costs strict and severe parenting style, have developed emotional or psychological difficulties in adulthood, many struggle with low self-esteem, anxiety or depression, and some resort to suicide.


Discipline is essential to help children understand right from wrong, what behaviors are appropriate and Emotional Health costs what behaviors are discourage. Giving children a structure helps them understand what is expect of them and also helps them create a sense of security.

Emotional Health costs

It is extremely difficult to find the right balance between disciplining children and giving them space for individuality, freedom . And  Emotional Health costs creativity, self-exploration and the ability to think and speak for themselves. However, harsh or authoritarian parenting styles can destroy a child’s sense of identity, diminish a child’s ability to think . But  feel and express him, stifle creativity and can cause anger and resentment.


Certainly, not all Asian Emotional Health costs American parents choose to become parents in an extreme way. And many Asian parents choose to use a strict parenting style because  . And these immigrant families paid a high price to come to the United States. Achieving higher education is the most direct way to move up the social ladder to success. These methods help produce a lot of very successful Asian Americans (and that’s good if it works for them), and they also created . Because  Emotional Health costs a lot of emotionally scarred Asian Americans.


When these Asian Americans come to my therapy office, there are recurring themes about why they come for help. Low self-esteem affects your functioning in the workplace, at school and in social life. Difficulty expressing emotions and communicating Emotional Health costs often damages important relationships. Inability to assert you and set clear boundaries has led to chronic stress, anger and health problems.

Emotional Health costs personalities

Being deprive of the opportunity to develop a strong sense of self has cost  . But  your sense of independence, hope and vitality. Therefore, Asian and non-Asian parents make adjustments in your parenting  . And style according to your child’s needs and Emotional Health costs personalities. Growing up is hard enough, please support and be there for your child.


Joy Tsai Yuan Hung, MFT is a licensed psychotherapist who practices in San Diego and serves individuals, couples, and families. Joy specializes in young professionals in their 20s and 30s;  minorities, first- and second-generation immigrants, Asian Americans in areas such as identity . And  family individualization, generational conflict, or intercultural relationships.


Happiness also helps clients with a wide range of concerns, such as improving dealings; Emotional Health costs depression, anxiety, self-esteem, stress, loss and grief, trauma and LGBT issues. Joy strives to provide culturally sensitive psychotherapy to help clients with diverse backgrounds.


Emotional Health Psychology



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